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"An enjoyable romp that could serve as an introduction to the city for children lucky enough to visit themselves.”


"The two make for amiable tour guides . . . . makes for a nice introduction to customs and hot spots."



School Library Journal


"This combination of anthropomorphic story and geographical guidebook could be useful in social-studies classes where instructors prefer teaching content through stories.”


"Artwork . . . colorful and energetic.”


“Families traveling . . . might find the book a helpful tool in preparing their children for the trip."




Publishers Weekly


“Artwork . . . successful at capturing city landmarks.”


Foreword Reviews


“History, trivia, and culture are presented through the fun banter between the friendly dogs, and their charismatic personalities and imploring eyes make them lovable new travel pals.”


“The Adventures of Bella & Harry is an engaging introduction to international sights, sounds, and tastes.”


“The comprehensive lesson plans for teachers, available for download on the website, ask educational questions that add to the travel-companion experience and expose young students to the foundation of a lifelong love of learning.”


“Thoroughly domesticated, these two Chihuahuas love to travel abroad and want to take you with them. Dive into the series and you’ll be dog-gone glad you did.”


“Bella has done her research (and so have Manzione and Lucco), and the material she discusses with her brother pup is both educational and fascinating. These adorable dogs make for wonderful travel companions in this lovely addition to the Bella and Harry series.”



Feathered Quill Book Reviews


“One way to learn a bit about geography and foreign customs is to head on out around the world with Bella and Harry. This is one of several books in the “Adventures of Bella and Harry” series, one that reluctant readers are sure to enjoy.”


“The artwork is bright, animated, and appealing.”


“Quill says: Harry and Bella will give you a few lessons about the world around us in their series, the "Adventures of Bella and Harry," that young geographers are sure to be interested in!”

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