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School fundraising


The Bella and Harry “School Fundraising Partnership”, SFP for short, is done in collaboration with your elementary school’s PTA/PTO.  We will provide sales kits that include product information sheets and order sheets to the PTA/PTO.  The PTA/PTO then proceeds with the same process it would follow for any other fundraiser.  At the end of the fundraising period, simply let us know how many books were sold.  We will then deliver the books (within 10 business days) to the PTA/PTO… it’s that simple!


For all first time PTA/PTO participants in our SFP, we are offering the first three hardcover books in the series: Let’s Visit Paris, Let’s Visit Venice and Let’s Visit London.  The books can be sold individually or as a set (one of each of the three titles), the choice is up to the organization. ​

For all subsequent SFP’s with a PTA/PTO, the product grouping will change. 
With currently over 20 books in the series, Bella and Harry look forward to an
ongoing relationship with the participants in this program.

To further discuss this opportunity, or to request product samples,

please email us.

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