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  • Athens is a city located in the country of Greece.

  • Athens is the capital city of Greece.

  • The official language of Athens is Greek.

  • Athens (and all of Greece) is located on the continent of Europe.

  • Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey are some of the countries that border (are next to) Greece.



Keep reading to learn some "Fun Facts" about Athens. 


When you finish, there are games at the bottom of this page. 

Have Fun !


  1. Athens is Europe's oldest capital city and also one of the oldest cities in the world!   Many people call it the "Cradle of Civilization."                                                                          

  2. The ancient Olympic Games were never held in Athens.  They were held in Olympia.                                                                

  3. A long time ago a Greek soldier ran from the Greek city of Marathon to Athens.  The word "marathon" is now used because of this run.                                                                  

  4. The official name of Greece is the Hellenic Republic.                                                                                      

  5. Some of the famous sites to visit while in Athens are:
    - The Acropolis and the building located there
    - The National Archaeological Museum
    - The Temple of Olympian Zeus
    - The Agoras (Ancient and Roman)
    - Changing of the Guards (Evzones)                                      - Watch a play in an outdoor theater
    - The Plaka and Monastiraki


  6. Athens was named after Athena, the Greek Goddess of war and wisdom.                        

  7. The flag of Greece has two colors on it: blue and white.

  8. Athens is one of the sunniest cities in the world.   

  9. Athens had the first democracy (a form of government) in the world.  The United States of America is a democracy.                                                                                  

  10. The fist theater in the world was built in Athens and Athens has more theaters than other city in the world.                   

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