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Hawaii / United States of America

  • Maui is one of the Hawaiian islands that comprises (makes up) the state of Hawaii in the United States of America.

  • Honolulu, not Maui, is the capital city of Hawaii.

  • The official language of Maui is English.

  • Maui (and all of Hawaii) is part of the continent of North America.

  • Maui is an island and there are no countries that border (are next to) it.



Keep reading to learn some "Fun Facts" about Maui. 


When you finish, there are games at the bottom of this page. 

Have Fun !


  1. Maui is the 2nd largest Hawaiian island.                              a

  2. Maui is located between two (2) mountains and its nickname is "The Valley Isle."                                                                            

  3. The beach sand can be white, red or black.  It comes from crushed lava rock.                                                                

  4. Though English is the official language, there is a Hawaiian alphabet.  It has thirteen (13) letters, five (5) vowels and right (8) consonants.                                                                        

  5. Some of the famous sites to visit while in Maui are:
    - The Road to Hana
    - Haleakala National Park
    - Wailea Beach
    - Honokalani Black Sand Beach
    - Lahaina and Kaanapali Beach
    - Wailua Falls


  6. Haleakala is the world's largest dormant (sleeping) volcano.  It is 21 miles wide and 4,000 feet deep.              

  7. The flag of the United States of America has three colors on it: red, white and blue.

  8. Maui, and of all of Hawaii, is a great place for whale watching.  Thousands of whales migrate (move) from Alaska to Hawaii each year.             

  9. Lahaina, a city on Maui, was the orginal capital city of Hawaiii.  It was changed to Honolulu in 1850.                                                                             

  10. Honokohau Falls is thought to be the highest waterfall in Maui.                

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