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  • Rome is a city located in the country of Italy.

  • Rome is the capital city of Italy.

  • The official language of Rome is Italian.

  • Rome (and all of Italy) is located on the continent of Europe.

  • France, Slovenia and Austria are some of the countries that border (are next to) Italy.



Keep reading to learn some "Fun Facts" about Rome.


When you finish, there are games at the bottom of this page. 

Have Fun !


  1. Rome is thought to have been founded in 753 BC by Romulus.                                                                                         

  2.  In ancient Rome, men wore something called a toga and women wore something called a stola.                                                                               

  3. Rome currently has more than 250 fountains and 900 churches.                                                                                   

  4. Over 700,000 euros worth of coins are tossed into the Trevi Fountain each year.                                                                                                       

  5. Some of the famous sites to visit while in Rome are:
    - The Roman Colosseum
    - The Roman Forum
    - The Pantheon
    - The Spanish Steps
    - Trevi Fountain
    - Vatican City: Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter's Basilica, The Vatican Museum and Pope Square


  6. Roman Emperor Trajan built the first shopping mall in the world in Rome, way back in the year 110.                        

  7. The flag of Italy has three colors on it: red, white and green.

  8. La Sapienza, Rome's first university, is the largest university in Europe.                        

  9. Rome's nickname is the Eternal City.                                                 

  10. Rome became the capital city of Italy in 1870.  Before that, Florence was the capial city.               

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