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Czech Republic

  • Prague is a city located in the country of the Czech Republic.

  • Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic.

  • The official language of Prague is Czech.

  • Prague (and all of the Czech Republic) is located on the continent of Europe.

  • Germany, Poland and Austria are some of the countries that border (are next to) the Czech Republic.



Keep reading to learn some "Fun Facts" about Prague. 


When you finish, there are games at the bottom of this page. 

Have Fun !


  1. Prague's nickname is "The City of a Hundred Spires."  A spire is the pointed top of a church tower.                            a

  2. The Vltava River runs thru the city of Prague.                                                                        

  3. The Prague Astronomical clock (Prague Orloj), in Old Town Square, is a famous site to see.  Funny thing is... there is an EXACT duplicate of it in the city of Seoul, in the country of Korea.                                                                            

  4. The Petrin Tower, on Petrin Hill, is a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower that is in Paris.                                                                                     

  5. Some of the famous sites to visit while in Prague are:
    - Prague Castle and all of its grounds
    - Petrin Tower
    - The Charles Bridge
    - Old Town and New Town
    - Astronomical Clock
    - Day Trips to Cesky Krumlov and Kutna Hora


  6. The Charles Bridge has statues of Catholic saints.

  7. The flag of the Czech Republic has three colors on it: red, white and blue.

  8. Czech King Charles IV laid the first stone for the Charles Bridge at 5:31am on July 9, 1357.  He picked this day and time on purpose so the date (and time) would always be written 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1 in the future.                

  9. Many people say the Charles Bridge is haunted.             e.                                                                        

  10. If you take a day trip to Kutna Hora, make sure to visit the Sedlec Ossuary; it's nickname is "The Bone Church."               

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